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In the age of digital transformation, most businesses rely heavily on social media marketing as they realize social media to be their biggest marketplace. With marketing on every social media site requiring its own unique approach, blindly implementing campaigns without understanding how the platform function can not only hamper a business’s intended goals but also affect them adversely by alienating the customers. When it comes to social media marketing, decoding the set of ‘don’ts’ is as important as understanding the set of ‘dos’ to implement a social media campaign successfully. We’ve pulled together some social media marketing mistakes that could be preventing you from achieving better results:

1. Applying one marketing strategy for all social media Channels

One encounters different audiences as one approaches different social media channels. The users on Instagram, for instance, are very different from those on LinkedIn. This is why, while the same piece of content can be posted across all channels, the message one wants to deliver needs to be distinctive for every platform. Identifying the audience on each social media channel and curating the brand message to appeal to them is the key to crafting the perfect social media strategy.

2. Inconsistent v/s Too much Brand Promotion

Consistent posts and updates about the brand are what your loyal followers expect, and the principle ‘out of sight, out of mind’ fits very well in this age of declining attention span. One reason is the lack of a content publishing schedule or a publishing calendar. This is where automated social media scheduling tools like Sked Social and Post Planner come in handy. The other end of this – too much brand promotion – is even scarier. When you bombard your audience with your offerings, followers simply lose interest and even get irritated. Your content, instead of adding value for your customers, turns into spam. In fact, unless it is to make an announcement about a new product launch or a value-added update about the regular offers, turn your focus into delivering information and tips that are sure to resonate with your audience.

3. No Call to Action

As with websites, your social media marketing messages need to have a clear, directive ‘Call to Action – whether you want them to purchase your product, give some feedback, or schedule an appointment. Before posting your new piece of content, ensure that it has a link to your e-commerce shop or website in your bio. If you post a photo of an item, include a link that takes customers directly to the area of your site where they can learn more and make a purchase.

4. Failure to Monitor Data

When it comes to social media, trend spotting is the key to tapping into important insights. Every social media channel offers an analytics feature that enables you to monitor results on each campaign and make the necessary changes. For example, on Instagram, you may find that your posts featuring videos are getting more reactions compared to posts with graphic content. When it comes to social media, continuous improvement is second nature to every successful campaign. In this digital age, businesses compete in crowded markets, which accelerates the need to reinvent marketing strategies and keep up with the speed of consumers. And that’s why, at times, mistakes can happen. But each mistake realized creates an opportunity to improvise and improve. Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what you should do.

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