Website Design

November 09, 2016

Website Design

A Website Promote you 24*7 for 365 days, we think no employee will do that for you ever! We make a website which will make you more successful in business. This is because; our website design will attract right kinds of visitors. It will also guide the visitors to the main product or services you offer immediately. And finally, it will make them contact you conveniently.

Our website designs are compatible for all Three types of gadgets be it Desktops, Mobiles or Notepads. We make website designs that are 100% Responsive and fascinating.

Types of Websites we make

Static Website

Do you want to announce that you have arrived to the online marketplace, in a cost-efficient manner, without needing frequent updates? The answer’s static website design – Static Website Design comprises of a website with web pages linked to each with a graphics-based logo or font, and contain text, and simple design graphics. At Rudranil Digital, we combine cutting edge technology with stunning visuals to provide absolute, attractive static website design solutions for businesses or individuals who want to present their information on the internet. The content on the website comes with relevant keywords which helps your website get a good ranking on major search engines, and we ensure smooth navigation which supports user friendly interface. With a static web design, you can make simple changes very quickly and more importantly, it is search engine friendly.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website provides an enhanced interface to users for unified interaction. Rudrashil Digital is updated with the latest tools and developments to ensure the end results are up-todate, functionally rich and add value to your business. Compared to static websites, which are essentially purely informational, a dynamic website is more functional. Our dynamic website design displays changing content and enables user interaction, by making use of advanced programming and databases. The benefits of creating a dynamic website design include easier design updates, more flexible data, structured content updates, and ease of expansion. A visually inspiring and interactive website has the potential to mirror your business, we support it by providing a user-friendly admin panel which helps to change the images and information within the website without any external help. Despite the marginal difference in pricing, dynamic website design definitely offers more possibilities to the business.


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0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI

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