Proven Tactics to Pull More Organic Traffic to your Website

Organic traffic is a great way for you to find new, genuine customers, accelerate your website’s outreach, and build customer trust in your brand – and best of all, it’s free! We’re talking about customers who have found your website using the search engine, and not by clicking on paid ads. While it does not happen overnight, consistency is the key to achieving a high ranking on popular search engines like Google – which processes over 8.5 billion searches every day.

These 5 tactics will help you understand and build a successful organic traffic pipeline:

1. Build your Content Strategy with User Intent Top of your Mind:

User intent is classified into three categories – Navigational, Informational, and Transactional. Before creating new content, understand the user intent and the type of audience that would read it. Satisfying user intent is one of the best ways to ensure that users don’t just click on your page, but also derive value from it. Once the search engines detect that the audience is having a good experience on your pages, they’ll crawl your pages up on their result pages.

2. Page Speed:

The alarming statistic – One in two online users abandon a website that takes more than 6 seconds to load – proves the importance that page speed holds when it comes to your search engine ranking. Enable browser cache, compress images to under 100KB to use on your page, reduce server response time and avoid using unnecessary CSS on the website pages to improve the website speed.

3. Voice Search Optimization:

Voice search signals a shift in the search engine optimization terrain that can give you just the edge you need to improve your search engine rankings – as many brands still haven’t optimized their content for voice-based queries. Since voice searches target long-tail keywords, it’s easier to improve ranking using long-tailed keywords. Also, ensure that the content is more conversational and that tries to answer questions in the language used by the users.

4. Leverage Link-building Correctly:

Link-building is a smart way to get organic traffic via back-links – which rank 3rd amongst the top ranking factors for Google search engines. But link building has to be done cleverly, and carefully to ensure that you steer clear of penalties, lower ranking, or account suspension. Some tactics to follow here are the use of internal linking to redirect users from one page to another to increase average spent time on your web pages, the use of appropriate tags to avoid links you do not want to highlight, not building more than two reciprocal links from any website, checking the accuracy of outbound links on your pages and using the correct descriptive text to ensure that users understand where they will be directed to after clicking on the link.

5. Create Amazing Headlines for your Content:

In this era of content overload, your headline is the first thing that decides whether the user will click on the link or not. Understand what your readers want to read, and then create headlines that they will want to click on and share. To increase the organic click-through rate, your title should be under 60 characters, and, if possible, keep the main keyword at the front of the title. Try using a long-tailed keyword that flows smoothly with the rest of the title, and make sure that the title is faithful to the content that follows. Remember – out of the 100% audience that views your content, 80% will read the title, and only 20% will read the rest. Ensure that your title is able to grab the attention of the reader enough that they want to go further.

One last takeaway – while the increase in ranking will not happen overnight, consistency is the key to achieving a high ranking on popular search engines like Google – which processes over 8.5 billion searches every day.

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