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A website is like the identity of your business. We help you showcase that by designing websites that serve this purpose the best. We provide a variety of designs so you can choose a website that suits your needs.

We make Websites that are :


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Build your business’s brand value, increase sales and drive website traffic by using our Social Media Marketing Services. 


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  • Godaddy, Big Rock, Hostinger and other hosting companies are owned by a single parent company known as Endurance International Group. EIG works on the basis of acquisitions by taking over medium to large sized hosting companies globally.
  • While acquisitions make EIG the largest hosting solution, it tends to make several internal changes to the companies it takes over, resulting in a compromise of quality service.
  • Some changes, amongst many, include decreasing staff and migration of websites to unreliable servers and datacenters. In an attempt to expand itself, EIG exposes their customers to potential risks and huge losses.
  • As a result, a huge number of businesses all over the world faced issues such as loss of data, security threats, site crashes etc. that led to loss of clientele and reputation.
  • Massive outages were reported from 2012 to 2015 that exposed EIG’s business practices. Customers reported site crashes up to two weeks with no response from live chat.
  • Further, EIG is ambiguous about the acquisitions it forms. As a result, it is harder to avoid its ever growing network.
  • Companies have moved their site from one hosting to another, only to find out that the new one is a part of EIG as well.
  • In a global commerce environment your website determines the success of your venture, so choosing a non EIG partner is crucial for your business.
  • Our hosting is not a part of EIG as we value the security and performance of your website. Any issues that you face with your site will be our responsibility to solve and improve.

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